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If you have a Wordpress blog (sorry it's only working with Wordpress for now), self-hosted as I said before (sorry again, but it's not working with blog for now), you can build a Windows 8 application easily by using a template IdeaNotion made. It's MetroPress, a free Open Source project, that you can use to build an RSS reader app specific to your blog. What's that mean? You can quickly, and easily have an application that will give you the opportunity to reach more people, but also give another way for your actual readers to get the awesome blog post you are doing.

Here are some easy steps to help you start: 
* Install Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 if you haven’t already – (evaluation and express versions are free!)

* Create a Microsoft Developer Account –

* Download the template on CodePlex -

* Customize your app (instructions under “Quick Start Guide”) -

* Create a Privacy Policy page on your site (see an example at ).

* Go into the code, open default.js, and change the Privacy Policy link to the one on your site. Feel free to add any news features to it!

* Submit your app to the store -

After your app is in the store, let us know here as we are curious to see your masterpiece!

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